The Heavier The Weight Of The Battery, The Better The Quality Of It?

- Nov 24, 2016 -

The production of electric vehicle battery technology is complex, all the battery production process from the formula, and paste, curing, charging, active material utilization, etc. on the quality of the battery play a decisive main, rather than the simple component can Determine the quality, the key is to look at the utilization of active substances, battery capacity, discharge time and cycle life.

With the national electric vehicle industry in the relevant policy of pulling, China's electric car industry to carry out high-speed. Especially lead-acid battery technology forward, but also to promote the rapid development of the transport sector. In the use of electric goods, but also to make it more convenient and useful. It is now the electric car battery professional vigorous development, the company flocked to the surface, intense competition, a variety of promotional methods after another, so that consumers see EYE.

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