SC30 18650 Battery Use Which?

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1,SC30 18650 Battery life theory for the cycle of charging more than 500 times. Commonly used in flashlight, headlights, mobile medical equipment and so on.

2, can also be combined, but also with the board and not with the board were different, mainly with the protection of the board over discharge, over discharge, overcurrent value, to prevent overcharging, or electricity is too clean and lead to the battery scrapped.

For example, lithium battery with the evolution of mobile charging treasure, you can always charge the kind of charge, should be able to meet the general customer's charging needs. And this phone mobile charger is omnipotent Oh! There is a mobile interface! There are ordinary charge, fast charge, high current charge and a series of methods.

3,18650 is now used for laptop batteries, there are some light flashlight is also using it, of course, SC30 18650 Battery performance is very good, so as long as the capacity and voltage appropriate, is better than other materials, the battery is much better, but also lithium The battery in a higher cost.

4, flashlight, MP3, walkie-talkie, mobile phone. As long as the voltage in the 3.5 - 5V electrical appliances can be used

And the difference between the No. 5 battery, SC30 18650 Battery means that the diameter of 18 mm, 65 mm long and 5 battery model is 14500, 14 mm in diameter, 50 mm long

5, the general SC30 18650 Battery used in the industry more, but also gradually cited to the civilian family, and even the future development and development of gas cans, rice cookers, induction cooker and other backup power supply, often also in the laptop battery and high-grade Flashlight on the use of more ~ ~ ,.

6, SC30 18650 Battery is the size of the battery model, according to the type of battery can be divided into lithium-ion 18650, lithium iron phosphate 18650, nickel-metal hydride 18650 (rare), the current SC30 18650 Battery is the most lithium, Industry to be more extensive.

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