SC30 18650 Battery Size Of What Provisions

- Sep 26, 2017 -

SC30 18650 Battery is the battery size of the name of the lithium battery, in terms of a single battery, SC30 18650 Battery size of the battery and finished battery two, the latter is greater than the value of the former, understand the SC30 18650 Battery size may be from it The origin of talking about.

The secondary battery is named by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in terms of size. According to IEC 61960, the secondary lithium battery is identified as follows:

1. Battery identification consists of: three letters followed by five digital cylindrical or six square numbers;

2. The first letter indicates the negative electrode material of the battery: I represents lithium ion with built-in battery, L represents lithium metal electrode or lithium alloy electrode;

3. The second letter indicates the positive electrode material of the cell: C is based on cobalt, N is based on nickel, M is based on manganese, V is based on vanadium;

4. The third letter indicates the shape of the battery: R represents the cylindrical battery, L represents the square battery;

5. Numbers: Cylindrical batteries 5 numbers represent the diameter and height of the battery, the unit of diameter in millimeters, the height of the unit is one tenth of a millimeter, the diameter or height is any size greater than or equal to 100mm between the two sizes Should be added a slash; square battery 6 figures that the battery thickness, width and height, unit mm, three dimensions of any one greater than or equal to 100mm between the size should be added slash; three sizes if any A less than 1mm, then in this size before the letter t, the size of the unit is one tenth of a millimeter. For example: ICR18650: that a cylindrical secondary lithium-ion battery, the cathode material is cobalt, its diameter is about 18mm, about 65mm high. There is a simple three-part identification composition: For example: L C 18650: Lithium-ion battery Cylindrical battery size is 18m in diameter and 65.0mm in height.

The above specifications for the SC30 18650 Battery are approximate, the battery manufacturers of products will be slightly different, but not large, that is, in the diameter of 18m, 65.0mm high design on the basis of the difference in the general diameter of ± 0.2mm , Height between ± 2.0mm; identify SC30 18650 Battery, similar performance is the true meaning. IEC named 18650 SC30 18650 Battery is actually a light cell, also known as batteries in the industry; practical, but also in the battery packaging plant where the protection board, lead and labels, such as Dongguan huge use 2200mAh18650 batteries Lithium battery cleaner lithium battery finished product, its product size is 19.5mm in diameter, height 70.0mm. This is obviously larger than the size of the batteries. Here, we understand that when the "18650 lithium battery size," the concept may have two different meanings: one is the body of the 18650 lithium battery size, this sense of the battery manufacturers are mainly Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, BAK, etc .; the other is the size of the package through the SC30 18650 Battery, this sense of the size is definitely greater than the light body of the SC30 18650 Battery size, so be sure to pay attention to the concept of 18650 lithium battery size The locale.

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