SC30 18650 Battery Purchase Notes

- Sep 26, 2017 -

AQSIQ announced the recent collection of 36 companies on the market production and distribution of 60 kinds of SC30 18650 Battery products, quality testing results, the product sampling rate of 78.3% pass rate. Spot checks show that some large brands of product quality is better, small business product quality to be improved. For the spot checks found in the main quality problems, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to remind consumers in the purchase and use of SC30 18650 Battery products should pay attention to:

1, should be based on the requirements of electrical appliances, select the SC30 18650 Battery type and size specifications;

2, pay attention to check the battery production date and shelf life, should buy the recent production of the SC30 18650 Battery, for those who use the code that the shelf life of the battery should be asked to the manufacturers;

3, pay attention to look at the appearance of the battery, you should buy the appearance of clean, clean, no leakage of the SC30 18650 Battery phenomenon;

4, the SC30 18650 Battery should be marked on the trademark name, battery polarity, battery type, nominal voltage, trademarks and so on.

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