SC30 18650 Battery Life Theory

- May 25, 2017 -

SC30 18650 Battery life theory for the cycle of charging 1000 times. Because of the large capacity of the unit density, so most of the laptop battery, in addition, due to the stability of the SC30 18650 Battery in the work of very good, widely used in the major electronics areas: commonly used in high-end flashlight, portable Power, wireless data transmission, electric warm clothing, shoes, portable instrumentation, portable lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and so on.

Single standard voltage is generally: 3.6V or 3.7V

Charging voltage is generally: 4.20V (lithium cobalt oxide is 4.2V-4.3V)

The minimum discharge termination voltage is generally: 2.75V, below this voltage easily lead to a serious decline in battery capacity and even scrapped

Maximum charge termination voltage: 4.20V

Diameter: 18 ± 0.2mm

Height: 65 ± 2.0mm

Capacity: 1000mAh or more, the conventional capacity of 2200mAh-3200mAh, the current 18650 battery capacity is the highest is LG, can do 3600mAh, but the price is not low.

SC30 18650 Battery advantage

1, the capacity of 18650 lithium battery capacity is generally between 1200mah ~ 3600mah, and the general battery capacity is only about 800mah, if the combination of

18650 lithium battery

18650 lithium battery

Into the 18650 lithium battery pack, that 18650 lithium battery pack is casually can break 5000mah.

2, long life 18650 lithium battery life is very long, the normal use of the cycle life of up to 500 times, more than twice the ordinary battery.

3, high safety performance SC30 18650 Battery lithium battery safety performance is high, no explosion, no combustion; non-toxic, non-polluting, RoHS trademark certification; a variety of safety performance at one go, the number of cycles more than 500 times; high temperature performance, 65 degrees Discharge efficiency of 100%. To prevent the battery short circuit phenomenon, 18650 lithium battery positive and negative are separate. So it may have been short-circuit phenomenon to the extreme. You can install the protective board, to avoid the battery overcharge and over discharge, so that can extend the battery life.

4, the voltage is high SC30 18650 Battery lithium battery voltage is generally 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.2V, much higher than the nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride battery 1.2V voltage.

5, no memory effect in the charge before the need to empty the remaining power, easy to use.

6, the internal resistance of small: polymer cell internal resistance than the general liquid cell is small, domestic polymer batteries can even do the internal resistance of 35mΩ or less, greatly reducing the battery's self-power, to extend the phone's standby Time, can be achieved with the international level of convergence. This support for large discharge current polymer lithium is the ideal choice for remote control model, as the most promising alternative to nickel-metal hydride batteries products.

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