SC30 18650 Battery In The Application Of Electric Vehicles

- May 25, 2017-

2017 rapid development of new energy vehicles urge the battery factory to keep pace, but the battery expansion cycle can not be achieved overnight, this situation caused the OEMs a little "panic", the battery requirements "down and down", or even appeared The core is hard to find the situation, I think this situation is also caused by 18650 manufacturers involved in the electric vehicle industry, as well as OEMs choose SC30 18650 Battery one of the reasons, after all, there are plenty of domestic 3C and power tools with 18650 manufacturers.

For the SC30 18650 Battery in the application of electric vehicles, the current level of technology, personally think that micro-electric car is a good choice, the current inconvenience to use in the field of bus, based on the following considerations:

One, 18650 in the micro-car application can achieve "long and short complement"

Micro-electric car is characterized by small, flexible, but the mileage is higher than the traditional low-speed electric vehicles, and these two constraints on the requirements of the battery adaptability made a relatively high demand. The SC30 18650 Battery is characterized by high energy density, can be in a small space to achieve as much load as possible. The combination of these two "small" can achieve the maximum efficiency of the vehicle, which is one. Second, the micro-electric vehicle power requirements are generally between 10-20 kWh, the demand for 18650 bicycles in general between 1000-2000, which for the battery system assembly, the connection test is not great, the country has now appeared Several very unique SC30 18650 Battery system integrators, to meet customer needs; the same time, because the number of series relative to the passenger car less, so the management is relatively easy, the management system technology is relatively mature. Which is 18650 can be applied in the micro-car an important guarantee. The following are the same as the "

Second, the 18650 quality control and system technology reliability caused by the bus in the field of bulk applications

According to the international manufacturing capacity of the best battery control capacity, the battery failure probability is about ppb level, if the bus 100 kWh load, that is, 100,000 vehicles (single battery by 10 Wh) which there is a Safety problem; if the control level by ppm level, then there is a 100 in the probability of failure, which is a very high probability of failure, which is only taking into account the battery manufacturing process control.

Second, from the tens of thousands of SC30 18650 Battery assembled into the battery system, not only on the battery assembly technology, while the battery management technology also brings great challenges, the technical requirements of content is very high. It is undeniable that good assembly and management techniques can make the problem battery controllable, that is, to reduce the probability of failure of the battery; otherwise, will accelerate the battery degradation, speed up the problem of battery failure rate.

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