SC30 18650 Battery Advantage Is Clearly Controversial Ahead Of The Line

- Jul 11, 2017 -

SC30 18650 battery has obvious advantages

"Japanese manufacturers in the SC30 18650 battery production process has accumulated a lot of experience, the production of the SC30 18650 battery in the consistency and safety of the above have reached a relatively high level, the industry known as the 'benchmark'." China micro Electric Vehicle Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Luo Huiming view, which is why Tesla will use the main cause of the Japanese SC30 18650 battery.

Guangxi, general manager of a company Deng Lunhao also mentioned, "due to SC30 18650 battery production of high degree of automation, good stability, high replaceability, making SC30 18650 battery in the system development of the modular and standardization are not Lunby's unique advantages can effectively reduce production costs and save labor. "

Energy density, Model S uses 3.1Ah, the energy density of about 252Wh / kg of 18650 battery. The Toyota Leaf used in the soft battery is 33Ah, single cell energy density of 150Wh / kg. Obviously, the 18650 battery is superior to the flexible battery in terms of energy density. Therefore, SC30 18650 battery, especially in the application of small electric vehicles, has a great advantage.

Micro-electric car is characterized by small size, flexible design, the price is very low. "SC30 18650 battery is characterized by high energy density, a small size, low cost." Beijing University of Technology professor Sun Liqing said, SC30 18650 battery for micro-electric vehicles in small space to achieve more load, to achieve the maximum Use, the future of 18650 batteries in the field of micro-electric vehicles will be better applied, the share will be more and more.

Deng Lunhao also told reporters that the new energy will be in the second half of this year began mass production of 2.9Ah 18650 battery.

However, anything has its double-sidedness, the pros and cons of coexistence is the norm of things. SC30 18650 battery in addition to the above advantages, the disadvantages can not be ignored.

"Power battery in the process of running, to achieve safety standards, battery management system plays a decisive role .18650 battery biggest drawback is that its single battery capacity is low, generally around 2 ~ 4Ah, so the number of batteries required Very much, the battery management is more complex. "Sun Liqing mentioned, which led to 18650 battery cooling requires a thermal management system, due to the small internal temperature difference, the entire battery temperature to maintain the appropriate range is more difficult.

However, micro-electric vehicle power requirements between 10-20 kWh, the SC30 18650 battery demand between 1000-2000, which for the battery system assembly, the connection test is not big, there have been several domestic SC30 18650 Battery system integrators to meet customer needs. At the same time, because the number of series relative to the passenger car is less, so the management is relatively easy.

Passenger cars, Tesla cars need 7000-8000 18650 batteries can be reliably connected into a module, "Tesla was dare to use nearly 8000 of 18650 batteries connected into a module, mainly based on good quality batteries And unparalleled welding technology. "Deng Lunhao that, SC30 18650 battery although defective, but does not prevent it into the power battery family.

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