Samsung Battery In The Data Center Equipment On The Magical

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Samsung Battery are widely used in the data center because most of the data centers are powered by electronic devices and are highly demanding on the business, so that batteries are needed as backup or long-term power supply. Of course, a lot of use of the Samsung Battery there are many risks. Some batteries in the event of failure, the internal electrolyte if the outflow is likely to cause short-circuit peripheral devices, lithium Samsung Battery exposed to long-term exposure to adverse conditions prone to surface oxidation, causing power failure, but also easy to bring fault to the surrounding devices. Samsung Battery power supply capacity With the increase in the number of charge and discharge, the power supply time is gradually reduced, so that the last can not be normal power supply. There are some new Samsung Battery technology, due to technical accumulation is not perfect, after the failure of the equipment often bring disastrous consequences. In short, the Samsung Battery has a good side, there are also poor side, can not blindly in the data center in large quantities using the battery, in general, for some large and medium-sized equipment, regardless of which battery inside, the use of three or three The following is appropriate, so reduce the risk of using too much battery. For small equipment, it is recommended to use a Samsung Battery or do not use is appropriate, some features than need to be completed by battery power, you need a comprehensive assessment of the risk of introducing the battery to the stability of equipment as a prerequisite for conditional battery selection, At this point should pay attention to choose to use the correct type of Samsung Battery, through the rational use of the battery, the device will add more features. The battery in the data center equipment on the magical will be more and more.

Samsung Battery has been widely used in all walks of life, large aircraft equipment, small to the phone, telephone, need to use the Samsung Battery, our life has long been inseparable from the battery. Samsung Battery from birth to now through a hundred years of history, is a very old technology. As early as 1859, the French scientist Lek Langxie to zinc as the negative, with manganese dioxide as the cathode, "ammonium chloride" as the electrolyte, the successful development of the prototype of modern dry batteries, until today, this battery is still extensive use. Of course, the development of technology to today, more and more types of batteries, such as dry batteries, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, thermocouple batteries, lithium batteries, nuclear batteries, with the progress of science and technology, I believe there will be new Samsung Battery varieties Continue to develop it. No matter what kind of battery, the development to what extent, the difference lies only in the way of generating electricity, their role is the same, and ultimately through the battery for external equipment to provide a stable power.

Data center industry in recent years, the rapid development of data center room equipment carrying pressure gradually expanded, high-frequency switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply and other power equipment also increased dramatically, making the battery has been widely used in the data The application of the Samsung Battery in the center is very popular. Typically, the battery is used as a backup power source for the data center and is used as an emergency power supply when the data center is powered down. Samsung Battery and ordinary batteries, not a one-time items, you can repeatedly charge and discharge use, but with the increase in the number of times, continuous power supply time will be shortened. In addition, the data center equipment is also widely used in the battery technology, in order to better achieve the device function, the following we focus on the data center equipment in the battery seconds. In addition to the power supply to the device, of course, the battery has more magical effect. Many data center equipment functions through the installation of the battery can be achieved, the best description of a function is the device running date. When we set the device time to complete, even if the device power off a few months when the time is still open again, so that in the case of equipment power can still be guaranteed

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