Samsung Battery Calibration Method

- Jul 01, 2017 -

First explain why the Samsung battery calibration. Samsung battery although there is no memory effect, but due to improper charging and discharge, such as: the use of mobile power, the use of computer USB for mobile phone charging, the use of voltage and current intensity does not match the third party charger, Samsung battery exhausted ), Etc., are easy to make the battery conditions change, the most obvious is the battery virtual electricity, that is, the phone shows the actual amount of electricity and battery capacity is inconsistent, such as mobile phone display power display 100%, but the actual Samsung battery has not been Full can not continue to rush into.

How to check the Samsung battery, calibration battery to extend the use of time? Samsung mobile phone actually comes with this feature: run the USSD code, activate the mobile phone commonly used instructions MMI code, you can enter the two engineering mode, view and calibrate the battery conditions.

Enter the dial interface, press * # 0228 #, when you press the last #, will appear in Figure 2, which is your battery current dynamic information, including voltage, temperature, power, etc. If your battery voltage is 4.2 V below, that your Samsung battery status is not very healthy (Samsung mobile phone is usually the original battery factory voltage ≤ 5V, you can look at the phone's original charger and battery voltage label, check the comparison), remember your current Power, press the bottom of the quick start, the phone screen automatically shut down, turn on the screen, repeat the above operation, generally about three times, you will find the power display plummeted, this is the virtual emptying, Samsung battery capacity was released.

The above operation is recommended in the case of Samsung battery is full of operation, filled with the charger after the release, the release operation, and then exit the interface, full, cycle the previous operation until the battery is 100% constant, that is, complete the battery calibration process. The operation is recommended every two months, without frequent operation.

The method applies to all Samsung mobile phone, other parts of the brand Andrews system phone is also applicable.

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