Samsung Battery Are Desperate Car Companies Are Ready To Do Both Hands

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Note 7 mobile phone frequent bombings, so that people around the world are worried about the safety of Samsung Battery, and even the relevant mobile phone models are prohibited by the use of countries. In the Chinese car ring, is preparing to flex its muscles in the Samsung battery, and now the day is not better. Supporting Samsung SDI power battery local car prices new energy vehicles, and now temporarily discontinued, and the relevant laws of the "foreign battery" say no, which makes the Korean battery factory suffered a big problem.

Mainstream car prices who use the battery?

Volkswagen: Panasonic and Samsung SDI batteries

General: LG Chemical Battery

BMW: Samsung SDI battery

Tesla: Panasonic battery

BYD: independent research and development of lithium iron phosphate battery

Teng potential: the use of BYD lithium iron phosphate battery

Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen: Nissan lithium battery technology

SAIC: independent research and development of lithium iron phosphate battery, South Korea three yuan lithium battery

Beiqi: Sino - foreign joint venture batteries

JAC: Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Samsung SDI batteries

Samsung battery is stopped by the local car prices

Recently, JAC Corporation temporarily discontinued its pure electric vehicle IEV6S, the reason is out of the car in the configuration of the Samsung SDI battery. Due to Samsung SDI battery failed to enter the Ministry of Industry announced the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory (commonly known as "battery catalog"), Jianghuai IEV6S can not obtain state subsidies.

As we all know, the moment of the local pure electric vehicles due to the cost and did not form a large-scale production reasons, to guide the price is often more than 200,000 yuan, or even higher. If there is no government subsidies, simply do not move. In accordance with the previous JAC and Samsung SDI signed a cooperation program, Samsung SDI plans to provide JAC 50 million batteries this year, and the two companies will establish long-term supply partnership. Now because of the battery catalog reasons, the two had to temporarily stranded further cooperation plan.

Reporters learned that JAC from the beginning of September production of IEV6E models began to use from the local Hefei Guoxuan high-tech power Limited battery.

And Samsung and JAC generally encounter embarrassing companions are also many. Prior to this, as the Beiqi new energy "hummingbird plan" in the pure electric "God car", Bei Feng has high hopes EX200 due to the use of Korean ternary lithium, but also because of the reasons for the directory, the battery and battery companies to suspend cooperation. Even the largest domestic auto companies SAIC, which uses US-made A123 and South Korea's LG batteries, are not in the "notice" requirements within the range, had to face the replacement of battery matching business choice. And replace the battery supplier, disguised part of the new energy vehicles to update or launch plans to delay, SAIC is responsible for new energy technology stakeholders told reporters, "at least a year or so to replace the existing battery, plus Product upgrading, the need for two years transition period.

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