Principle And Method Of SC30 18650 Battery Repair

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Three kinds of SC30 18650 Battery repair method principle:

Lithium battery repair method of a principle: a long time to use the lithium battery surface of the metal will have a certain degree of oxidation, leading to cell phone battery contact with the phone is not good, lithium battery use time shorter, and with rubber Sassafras or other cleaning tools can be wiped In addition to the surface of the rusty material, so that the battery and mobile phone contacts become better.

SC30 18650 Battery repair method two principles: low temperature lithium battery inside the electrolyte can change, to promote just after the freezing of the battery chemical reaction. Lithium battery use process is actually a charge and discharge process. During this period, the negative charge and the positive charge in the battery collide with each other. The reason why the battery will be more and more useless, because in the normal room temperature, the electronic internal kinetic energy is relatively large, so the battery is active, leakage situation is relatively frequent. The lithium battery into the low temperature environment, the lithium battery surface of the lithium film and electrolyte microstructure, and their interface will be significant changes, resulting in the battery is temporarily active, leakage current reduction. So after the re-charge, the phone's time to be increased.

SC30 18650 Battery recycling life of about 600 times. If the number of times to charge, the molecular thermal movement will make its internal molecules arranged in the microstructure gradually destroyed, the storage charge efficiency will gradually decrease. And "the freezing process is easy to damage the original internal structure of the battery, a short period of time may be able to increase the ability to charge the charge, but long-term use may not be effective." SC30 18650 Battery microstructure once destroyed, and then completely recovered is impossible Of the long-term use of this method will accelerate the loss of mobile phone batteries.

SC30 18650 Battery repair method three principles: the depth of the mobile phone discharge, that is, by exhausting the internal power to achieve a deeper degree of recharging, which requires the use of some unconventional methods. Think of the phone and a 1.5V small light bulb connected to the lithium battery internal power will be transmitted to a small light bulb until all the light. "If the phone is connected to a rated voltage of less than 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down." After the battery is discharged, the battery can be recharged again. Long time.

SC30 18650 Battery repair method:

1, all your batteries will be used up after taking off, with the temperature, the battery in the case of temperature instability will greatly shorten the use of time, because the battery is no electricity and a considerable part of the lithium ion has a memory This method can make the memory release part of the winter to the outside, for a while, then that to the house.

2, there is a way to remove the battery, put a week or so, the electricity will slowly consume, you need to use the machine after the complete consumption of electricity. And then all red, it is estimated that you are now charging time is very short, and after the full, broken and then washed, repeated several times, absolutely effective.

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