Power Battery Technology Problems To Be Breakthrough

- Nov 24, 2016-

Along with the domestic sales of new energy vehicles straight up, new energy vehicles, battery recycling and recycling issues have also been put on the agenda.

In general, the battery capacity of less than 80% can no longer be used in new energy vehicles, but this does not mean that the battery has lost its value, it can also be used as storage or related power base stations and street lamps, Low-speed electric car body. Reference to foreign experience, including General Motors, Nissan will have a successful use of power battery echelon case.

The so-called power lithium battery echelon use, refers to the use of the car after the power battery disassembly, detection and classification of secondary use.

Prior to large-scale promotion and application of new energy vehicles, the domestic lithium battery market, consumer demand is mainly concentrated in the field of 3C, and because of these products, lithium battery capacity is relatively small, and the cost is not high, so the recycling and Did not get enough attention.

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