Influencing Factors And Optimization Of LG Battery Dispersion

- Jun 08, 2017 -

LG Battery in the group process, due to the lithium battery itself constitutes a subtle differences in material and the level of different groups of technology, will make lithium batteries in the use and placement process appears inconsistent performance of the phenomenon, which is lithium battery discrete phenomenon, The quantitative index describing this discrete phenomenon is the dispersion, which is obtained by the function of several parameters. The main factors that cause the change of the dispersion are: resistance, voltage, capacity, temperature and so on.

1, LG battery resistance, especially the polarization resistance of the inconsistency, making the individual LG battery charge and discharge in the process of voltage changes violently, resulting in dramatic changes in the entire battery pack; 2, the battery voltage is inconsistent, will affect the battery 3, due to the work of the LG battery heat and endothermic process, the battery temperature will continue to change, when the overheating, it will bring performance degradation and security risks, the fact that the battery can reduce the energy consumption of the battery, Proof, in recent years, the operation of electric vehicles and test fire fuse is because the over-temperature protection is not in place cause the battery fever, the battery type not only lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate battery is also the case; 4, the capacity is discrete In the most serious factors, capacity inconsistency mainly caused two aspects of performance problems, one part of the battery will be in the overcharge and over discharge state, resulting in burning, explosion and other unsafe factors, and second, low-capacity single cell because the end of the work, Affect the entire battery pack in the other single battery energy can not be fully released, causing the entire battery life of the attenuation.

In order to reduce the negative impact of lithium battery dispersion, the maximum meet the uniformity of the battery pack requirements, the need for the following production and use of the angle to improve.

1, the production process, LG battery design to ensure that meet the requirements of large-scale mechanized production, looking for control of product quality process methods to ensure that the single cell in the material and internal structure of the uniformity.

2, the use of the first to optimize the sorting matching technology, making the lithium battery in the initial consistency to be satisfied; followed by weakening the internal temperature of the battery imbalance, so that the current density as uniform as possible to reduce the battery contact resistance connection The

3, test the LG battery surface temperature and flow rate, select a reasonable and scientific ventilation structure, so that the entire battery surface temperature uniformity, to ensure that the use of LG battery pack each battery in the same temperature environment.

LG battery consistency is poor battery manufacturing process more difficult to grasp the process, the current control methods are not perfect, but to strengthen the understanding of lithium battery dispersion to improve the consistency of lithium batteries is necessary, but also to do this thing basis.

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