In The Future Samsung Battery Will Gradually Fail?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

According to the survey found that consumers are now looking forward to the most mobile phone is also the most urgent hope to enhance the function of mobile phone battery life. This shows what, that is, the development of Samsung Battery technology and the processor, the screen and other mobile phone hardware has been the same as the rapid development of this situation is even the latest smart phone is no longer a long time to use, Under such contradictions, the development of new battery technology has become the focus of discussion, but although there are many developed technology, but no one can be put into use quickly, so it would be said that in the In the future trend, lithium batteries may gradually fail.

There is a technology in the media on a series of new Samsung Battery technology research after that the metal batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries in the future can be achieved from the concept into commercial products. This conclusion is not unreasonable, the United States Energy Research Center research at least confirmed this, the traditional Samsung Battery exists a variety of problems, resulting in the long-term use, such as the use of a period of time will produce lithium metal deposition, This will affect the battery capacity and even cause swelling of the adverse reactions. So the reform for this area is part of the company's new direction of research, such as the University of California, the research institute is the lithium-sulfur battery research and development and exploration, and the company is the main push of this technology, and is expected to put into the market in 2016, Means that the traditional Samsung Battery manufacturers will be eliminated by mobile phone manufacturers, because they are thin in the design of the phone can not go back on the road, and if the mobile phone battery can not keep up with the pace of design they developed smart phones have no special significance, So only longevity Samsung Battery or battery capacity of the battery will be their fancy.

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