How To Use And Maintain The Balance Car Lithium Battery

- Nov 24, 2016 -

1, the balance car Lithium battery charger to use a dedicated charge the battery, charging stability of each charger are not the same, not free to replace the charger, or easy to damage the battery.

2, to develop a habit of more than a day charge. Although a charge can be used for a few hours, or even longer, but still have to develop a habit of charging every day, so that the battery is in a shallow circular state, to extend battery life is very good.

3, in addition to the daily charge, the use of finished as soon as possible after the charge, as far as possible so that the battery power is full. If you do not charge in time, will gradually reduce the battery capacity, shortening the battery life.

4, in order to ensure that you can use a special charger on the balance car lithium battery charging, it is necessary to protect the charger from damage. Instructions for protecting the charger are usually included with the purchase of a balance car. To develop the habit of reading the instructions, in accordance with the requirements of the specification to protect the charger, can not wait for the problem after the recall to find the instructions to see, then it is too late, regret. In the charge, but also pay attention to good ventilation, to ensure that the charger full heat, to extend the service life of the charge.

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