Electric Vehicle Battery: Charging Station Or For The Battery

- Nov 24, 2016 -

In the environmental pollution continues to be difficult to understand, the current volatile oil and gas prices, energy, electricity is no alternative trend. In this context, the concept of electric vehicles have also been in the global stir-fried years, last year's Tesla Model S electric car more handsome cool shape, more reliable price, not inferior to the performance of gasoline power and big red purple. The domestic industry is also stepping up the layout.

For electric vehicles, the charging efficiency of the problem is not difficult to solve, but how to charge it is a hassle. The use of the owner's home power supply to far away in the hundreds of meters away from the car charging is not realistic, set up charging facilities in the yard also needs large-scale transformation of infrastructure. The government and manufacturers of the solution is to build a charging station covering urban and rural areas, Tesla and Minsheng Bank in the country, Intime and China Unicom and other cooperation around the network around the construction of charging pile.

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