Do You Know What The Electric Car Charger Killer?

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Rechargeable batteries are usually made of plastic box, from the appearance can be divided into: power input line (220V power plug), box, charging indicator, power output line (then electric car battery) and type standard stickers. Charging indicator is usually two colors: positive charge indicates red, electricity has been filled indicates green. Type Standard labels need to pay special attention to the adaptation of the battery, voltage and current must be compared, the voltage does not match too high, the current does not match too much, will charge the battery bad to prevent unnecessary economic losses.

Charger circuit in accordance with the operating principle is also divided into three: voltage regulator some, some rectifier and charge control some. Voltage regulator that some 220V high voltage is reduced to the battery charge voltage required, such as 48V charger voltage needs to be adjusted to 60V, usually by the end of the transformer; rectifier some, we know that home 220V is to communicate with electricity, and Charging adjustment of some of the skills of the charger center, it is responsible for each period of the charger to adjust their own response, more common in shopping malls (see Figure 1), the battery charger is the battery charger, the battery is charged, the need to adjust the current into direct current, commonly used rectifier bridge circuit; The fault controller is usually some of the problems and the formation of the battery is charged bad problems.

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