China's Overall Level Of Lithium Batteries And Developed Countries There Is Still A Distance

- Nov 24, 2016 -

In 2013 the supply will reach 4 billion. Lithium battery energy density increase and lightweight is the key to future expansion of demand. Especially in recent years, multi-tasking for ordinary consumers with "small parts" market expansion, making the energy density and weight of the demand for lithium batteries increase.

In addition to traditional applications such as notebook computers and mobile phones, new applications such as electric hardware tools, other consumer electronic products, light electric vehicles and electric vehicles have injected a high degree of growth power into lithium batteries and will become the total output value of lithium batteries in 2016 Challenge the main promoter of $ 10 billion. The rise of the aforementioned emerging applications, in addition to accelerating the expansion of demand for lithium batteries, the lithium battery industry will help escape the notebook computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics products, a single industrial cycle.

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