Battery Maintenance Must Know The Basic Knowledge

- Nov 24, 2016 -

1, a battery and rechargeable batteries What is the difference?

The electrochemical nature of the battery determines the type of battery is chargeable, according to their electrochemical composition and the structure of the electrode, the real rechargeable battery internal structure of the reaction is reversible.

In theory, this reversibility is not affected by the number of cycles, since the charge and discharge in the electrode volume and structure cause reversible changes, then the internal design of rechargeable batteries must support this change, since the primary battery only do A discharge, it is much simpler structure and does not need to support this change, therefore, can not be used to charge a battery, this approach is very dangerous and very economical, if you need to use it repeatedly, have a choice to choose the real number of cycles in 1000 or so rechargeable battery, this battery can also be called a battery or battery.

2, a secondary battery and secondary battery there are other differences?

Another obvious difference is their energy and load capacity, as well as self-discharge rate, the secondary battery energy than a battery high, but their load capacity is relatively small.

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