An Analysis Of SC30 18650 Battery Technology And Industry

- Jul 21, 2017 -

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What is the SC30 18650 Battery? What is the advantage of the SC30 18650 Battery? What is the status quo of the industry? What is the application in the field of electric vehicles? Let the battery brother take you closer to the mysterious world of SC30 18650 Battery!

18650 is a lithium ion battery originator - SONY company developed a standard lithium-ion battery model, said the battery shape of diameter 18mm height 65mm cylinder (0 for the cylinder), is the earliest, most mature and most stable lithium-ion battery The

Initially, 18650 batteries are widely used in consumer electronics products, the annual shipments of about a few billion only.

In recent years, with the Tesla Model S star effect, led the SC30 18650 Battery in the field of electric vehicle application boom. Domestic JAC, Zhongtai and foreign Porsche and other car prices have also increased the strength of SC30 18650 Battery models.

SC30 18650 Battery applications

In a variety of 18650 batteries, the largest shipments is 2.2Ah products, in all SC30 18650 Battery total shipments accounted for about 40%;

Shipments followed by 1.5Ah the following products and 2.6Ah products, accounting for between 15% to 18%;

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, ≥ 26Ah 18650 products shipments gradually increased to about 40%.

SC30 18650 Battery industry status quo

From the scale of production capacity, the domestic SC30 18650 Battery company capacity is much lower than foreign companies. For example, Samsung's annual production capacity of 700 million, and Foster and Zhuo Neng and other companies with annual production capacity of less than 100 million.

2014 ~ 2015, 18650 power battery supply and demand remained stable

2015, based on the 18650 power battery market, good expectations,

A number of domestic listed companies have invested in 18650 power battery project.

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