Which batteries need recycling?

- Nov 24, 2016 -

In response to the national battery recycling policy, major cities, the national citizens for the recycling of used batteries are enthusiastic participation in which the topic of recycling waste batteries also set off a wave. Can be discarded battery recycling policy out, can handle the battery recycling point in many places not perfect. So that the battery recycling there are still some problems.

Battery recycling should be a very good thing, but recently there was such a thing, the battery should be recovered after the collection of waste batteries should not be able to deal with the recovery point, and caught in a dilemma. Suddenly the topic of recycling of used batteries has become increasingly fierce.

In response to this problem, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Department said that should now home alkaline zinc-manganese battery, has reached the national low-mercury and mercury-free technical requirements, will not impact on the environment and human health. So you can live with the garbage disposal landfill.

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