Lithium battery common problems, the battery industry information, lithium battery prospects analysis

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Lithium-ion batteries since its inception in 1990, because of its excellent performance has been rapid development, and widely used in society. Lithium-ion batteries to other unparalleled advantages of the battery quickly occupied a number of areas, as we all know the mobile phone, laptop computers, small cameras, etc., and more and more countries will be the battery for military purposes. Application shows that lithium-ion battery is an ideal small green power.

We often say that the advantages of lithium-ion battery is for the traditional nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni / Cd) and nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni / MH) in terms of. With a working voltage high specific energy cycle life long self-discharge rate without memory effect and so on.

At present the basic principle of lithium battery is recognized as the so-called "rocking chair theory." Lithium battery discharge is not through the traditional way to achieve the transfer of electrons, the child through the lithium-ion layer in the crystal material in and out of the energy changes. In the case of normal charge and discharge, the lithium ion out of the general cause only layer spacing changes, and will not cause damage to the crystal structure, so from the discharge in terms of reflection, lithium-ion battery is an ideal reversible battery. Lithium-ion battery in the positive and negative poles in and out, just as a rocking chair in the positive and negative shake to shake, so it was the image of lithium-ion battery called rocking chair battery.

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