How to maintain high-capacity lithium battery in winter?

- Nov 24, 2016 -

Social progress, more and more means of transport have emerged, electric vehicles is undoubtedly the first choice of the broad masses of the people. The maintenance of the battery in the electric car has become a topic of concern. Especially in winter when the electric car battery maintenance more difficult.

A reporter interviewed that in the winter, with the temperature drop, a lot of electric vehicles will not charge into the electricity, or can not start and so on. As the battery within the electric vehicle susceptible to external temperature, too high or too low there will be storage capacity problems, voyage will be shortened. The following summarizes some of the electric car battery winter maintenance methods:

For the electric car battery is the best time to charge, so that the battery can be in an infinite loop, the battery life will be extended.

Voyage far, if finished in time to charge. Because the battery after the discharge began curing process, timely charging, you can remove the vulcanization is not serious, will not shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to regular charging, it is also important to note that the use of finished as soon as possible after the charge, as far as possible so that the battery power is full. In addition to charging, but also regular deep discharge, which is conducive to "activate" the battery.

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