High Power

What is the high power battery?

1. High nominal voltage. For lithium rechargeable battery, the high nominal voltage means the running time in your tools. Usually, for the same discharge current, the higher the voltage is, the longer the battery lasts. 

2. High discharge current. Actually, the highest discharge current for 18650 lithium batteries is 30amp. Which includes sky blue SC30 1500MAH, sky blue 2100MAH, LG HB2/HB4/HB6, Sony vtc3/vtc4. Generally, it is very hard to improve the discharge rate while increase the nominal capacity. 

For cylindrical lithium battery, we usually divided the batteries into three parts. Low-drain battery, middle drain battery and high drain battery. 

Low-drain battery which is called high-capacity power battery, the capacity (usually over 2500mah) is high while the discharge rate is low(below 5Amp). High-capacity power batteries are wildly used in flashlight, power bank, power tools, e-bikes etc.

For middle drain battery, actually it means the discharge rate is between 5-15amp. The capacity is around 2000-3000mah. The batteries are usually used in power tools.

For high drain battery, it is very familiar for e-cig lover. For big vapor, the higher the discharge rate is, the bigger the vapor. Under the same discharge rate, the higher the voltage is, the better the battery is.

3. Low temperature and low internal resistance. When we get our battery ready for vaping, the voltage starts sagging and discharge amp get increasing. The temperature also gets increasing. For the same discharge rate and nominal capacity, if the cooler the battery can keep, the battery is better.