Q: What are 18650 batteries?

A: “18” stands for the diameter of the battery is “18mm”, “65” stands for the length of the battery is “65mm”. “0” stands for cylindrical battery.

Q: What is IMR battery mean?

A:”IMR” stands for the cathode materials of li-ion battery is LiMn2O.

Q:What is “mAh” mean?

A:”mAh” means the nominal discharge capacity of the battery. 

Usually, the higher the capacity is, the longer the battery can last. For vapor battery , the higher for the capacity and the discharge current, the better the battery is.

Q: What does “C” mean?

A:”C” means the discharge rate. 

The calculation formula is Discharge rate(C)= Continuous discharge current(A)/The nominal discharge capacity(Ah) 

Q: What’s the difference between continuous discharge current and max discharge current?

A: The continuous discharge current is the constant discharge current of the battery. The max discharge current is when the batteries reached in a certain temperature, the pulse discharge current get max.

Q: Do the batteries fully charged when they comes to me?

A: No, the new batteries is about 70% charged. 

All the batteries are about 70% discharged at the shipment condition. Please fully recharge them after your first using.

Q : Are all your batteries original?

A : Sure, please do not worried about the authenticity of our batteries.  

Each of our battery is get from reliable supplier. We can not promise our price is the best in the market. But we promise each of our battery is 100% original grade-A.

Q : What is the best battery?

A: We can not say which one is the best battery since different person have different usage and requirements. But if you want big vapor, the silver SC30 3000MAH, Brown SC30 3000MAH, the sky blue SC30 3000MAH, LG HG2, Samsung 30Q, SONY VTC4/VTC5/VTC6 may meet your requirement better.

Q : What is the safest battery?

A : Actually, if the parameter on the batteries is true and handling the batteries correctly. The battery is safe for electronic cigarettes using.

Q : Does your batteries oversized in capacity and discharge rate?

A: No, we promise the parameters on SC30 batteries is truly.

A lot of safety accident happened because some battery supplier oversized their battery to get bigger profits. It is really very dangerous for customer to use the batteries for they do not know the truly parameter. All the parameter on SC30 batteries is truly, please be assured use. 

Q : Why some batteries are printed on” DO NOT USE OUTSIDE OF BATTERY PACK”? Are these batteries fakes?

A :The 18650 lithium battery is not designed for electronic cigarettes. So the manufacturer do not want their battery used in ecig area. But the batteries are all original.

Q: How could I pay my order?

A: You can pay it by PayPal, TT, West union etc.

Q: When will my order shipped?

A: Two days after your payment.

Q : what service does you shipped through?

A : The batteries usually shipped via DHL/UPS/FedEx/Air freight.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: The tracing number will be send to your email, please track your order through the tracing number.

Q: Can we rewrap our batteries by ourselves?

A: Yes, you can. The crust of the batteries is easy to be worn. But please be careful when you peeling the wrap of the battery. Do not use metal tools to touch the naked battery.

Q: How could I get authentic batteries?

A: There are a lot of fake batteries in the market. Some supplier sell fakes to customer in order to get high profits. So that these suppliers who sell original batteries can not compete with them because their price is higher. We thought the simplest and safest way is that choose a reliable supplier.

Q: Do you sell in retails?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: Does SC30 batteries safe?

A: Sure, all the SC30 batteries have got CE, ROSH certifications. And we do not oversize our batteries.

Q: Why should I choose SC30 batteries?

A: Fist, all the parameter on our batteries is truly, it is much more safe when you use it;

Second, the crust of SC30 battery is quite flexible and environment protective. We all know that the batteries are easy to explode when the crust worn. We have improved the quality of our batteries to lower the risks. The SC30 batteries are more durable, more safe and more green.

What’s more, our price is very competitive. 

Q: What kind of batteries do you sell?

A: We mainly supplying 18350 series, 18650 series, 26650 series high capacity and high drain cylindrical batteries for electronic cigarettes.  

Q: Flat top batteries and button top batteries, which one is better?

A: It depends on your application. For flashlight using, button top battery may meet your usage better.